Take two out of four

Study in two languages

Within the AMASE Master you do not only gain valuable knowledge in Materials Science and Engineering, you also learn two of the four most widespread European languages.

You study with local students and get to know the culture of your host countries, increasing your later job opportunities.

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Studying in Saarbrücken

Welcome to uds!

At Saarland University, you will have to pay registration fees. These fees are the same for all students and include a bus ticket.

AMASE students can have these fees refunded, because these are included in the participation fees.

Furthermore, all AMASE students are excluded of an extra service fee, called “Verwaltungskostenbeitrag”.

IMPORTANT: If you have selected UdS as Entrance or Second University, you have to be enrolled for the whole study period, no matter if you are here or not.

However, you will only have to transfer the semester fees for those semesters actually spent here.

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Proof of financial support (“Sperrkonto”) for Non-EU students

For self-financing students, we recommend opening a blocked account which you may easily use as proof of financial support. This is needed to obtain the visa for Germany. There is no need to send the bank account details in advance. For further information, please check:

Accomodation in Saarbrücken

In general there are two options: You can either rent a room in a student residence or you can find your own private apartment. More information here.

Student Residence

If you intend to apply for a dorm in a student residence, please fill the online application as soon as possible, as there is a long waiting list: https://www.uni-saarland.de/en/global/welcome-center/accommodation/dormitories-studierendenwerk.html

Application Deadline

  • Winter term 15th July
  • Summer Term 15th December

Price Range

300 € – 400 €

Security Deposit “Kaution”

The amount of the deposit is usually one month’s rent.

For student residences, please check: www.studentenwerk-saarland.de or: www.waldhausweg7.de

You can also check these links:

You can find some other options on private dormitories here.

Flat-Share: “Wohngemeinschaft” (WG)

People live together in one flat in order to reduce costs. Finding a suitable flat share will depend a lot on you, as the residents often have little “interviews” to find out if the person will fit in. You will need to contact them personally. The prices for private accommodation in Saarbrücken may range between 300€ -450€ per month, depending on how close you live to the city centre and on the number of roommates you have.

For private accommodation you can check:

Monthly living expenses in Saarbrücken

Depending on personal lifestyles, you will need approximately 700€ – 850€/month in Saarbrücken.
According to an article of the DAAD, the average in Germany is at 867 €, so Saarbrücken is still cheap.

  • Accommodation: Approx. 300 – 450€
  • Food: Grocery shopping is relatively cheap in Germany, given the high amount of discount supermarkets, approx. 120 – 150€.
    • Lunch at university: 2,80€ – 4,00€
    • Eating out (Main course): < 10€ for fast food/bistro, 7 – max. 20€ regular restaurant.
  • There is an obligatory TV license fee (“Rundfunkbeitrag”) in Germany which is paid per residence. It’s currently 18,36 €/month.
  • Transport: A semester ticket for public transport within the Saarland is included in your registration fee.
  • Leisure: about 100€ (cinema, going out, sports)
  • Nightclub admission: 8-15€
  • Don’t forget to include the costs of personal expenses such as cosmetics, clothes, phone, books etc.
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