Take two out of four

Study in two languages

Within the AMASE Master you do not only gain valuable knowledge in Materials Science and Engineering, you also learn two of the four most widespread European languages.

You study with local students and get to know the culture of your host countries, increasing your later job opportunities.

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Fees and Scholarships

participation costs, scholarships and monthly living

You find all information related to particiaption costs, scholarships, reimbursement and bank account on this page. Details about living costs at each university can be found here.

Participation costs

The participation costs for the AMASE Master Programme vary depending on your nationality and whether your home country is part of the EU or not.

EU studentsNon-EU students
1.500 € (per semester)4.500 € (per semester)*

*In case you have both an European and a Non-EU passport, you will only have to pay 1.500 € per semester.

Deadline for payment of participation fees

Winter semester: 31 July (*LTU: 1st of May)
Summer semester: 15 of February

Costs include

The following costs are included in the participation costs and can be reimbursed for all students in case they have to pay for it in advance (few exceptions):

  • Registration fees (Note: registration fees, in case they are applicable, are only paid for the university the student is currently studying at!)
  • Costs for the Integration Week and Professional Summer School, plus travel allowance (only for self-financers: 30 € to UL; 100 € to UPC, MUL and UniPD; 200 € to LTU)
  • Self- financing students coming to Saarland University in the 3rd Semester: reimbursement for one intensive language course taken between the 2nd and 3rd semester.
  • All students at Saarland University are exempt of an extra administration fee, called Verwaltungskostenbeitrag

To get a reimbursement, please download the reimbursement document fill in your data, sign and send it (with proof of payment, which is compulsory) to office@eusmat.net. We will then hand it in to the financial department and they will make the transfer. In case there is no proof of payment, no reimbursement can be done.

Erasmus Mundus Scholarships

Applications received before the deadline defined in following link will automatically be considered for EM scholarships. After this deadlines, the application cannot be considered for the EM scholarships. The following table shows the amount of scholarship for both Programme and Partner Country students:

ItemAmountForm of payment
Monthly Allowance (Subsistence costs)*24.000 €Monthly installments of 1.000 €
Installation costs**1.000 €Paid at the beginning of the programme
Travel costs***
Either 2.000 €, 4.000 € or 6.000 €Paid in two annual installments
Participation costs****6.000 € or 18.000 €Covered by Erasmus Mundus (Transferred directly to the coordinator)

*Subsistence costs: Contribution to subsistence costs will not be given to the scholarship holders for the EMJMD periods (study/research/placement) spent in their country of residence.

**Installation costs are only paid to students resident in a Partner Country.

***Travel costs depend on the residence of the student and are paid in two annual rates:

  • 2.000 €: the student’s residence is in one of the Programme Countries of Erasmus+.
  • 4.000 €: the student’s residence is in a Partner Country less than 4.000 km from the coordinating university (Saarbrücken, Germany).
  • 6.000 €: the student’s residence is in a Partner Country 4.000 km or more from the coordinating university (Saarbrücken, Germany).

**** Participation costs for Programme Country students are 6.000 €, for Partner Country students 18.000 €.
During the regular study period of 2 years, these costs are covered by the Erasmus+ scholarship and will be directly transferred to the coordinators. The students have to cover the participation costs for all additional semesters themselves.

Partner Country Students: Students who are not residents nor have carried out their main activity (studies, training or work) for more than a total of 12 months over the last five years in a Programme Country. The five-year reference period for this 12-month rule is calculated backwards as from the submission deadline defined by the consortia.

Programme Countries: Member States of the European Union (EU), Republic of North Macedonia, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Turkey, and Serbia.

Erasmus+ scholarships

This is a regular Erasmus+ funding which all students in Europe are eligible for by studying in another European country.

Although Erasmus+ is not equal to a full-scholarship, it is a mobility allowance which will help you cover some of your costs abroad. The amount depends on each country and varies between 250 – 350 € a month.

You may receive funding for your second year in AMASE, so the time you study at your Second University. In order to be eligible for said funding, you will have to apply for Erasmus+ at your Entrance University during the first year. Please contact the respective international office for more detailed information.

In case you start at UdS, please check the Erasmus+ information here.

For the moment, Erasmus+ is not available, if UPC or LTU is your Entrance university!

DFH funding

If you study in any combination of UL/UdS, you will be eligible for funding via the “Deutsch-Französische Hochschule” (DFH). Funding amounts to 300€ per month for a maximum duration of 10 months, during your stay at the second university.

An example: You study at UdS for your first year. You cannot get DFH funding during this first year. Then, you move to UL for the second year. Now you receive DFH funding over 300 € per month (max. 10 months). The same works vice versa.

Bank account for payment of participation costs

All participation costs for AMASE have to be transferred to UdS, because Saarland University is the coordinating institution.

The fees are to be paid before the beginning of each semester. Please note that you will not get your degree unless all costs have been paid.
Please transfer the participation costs to the following account:

Account holder:Universitaet des Saarlandes
IBAN:DE19 5919 0000 0000 3300 00
Subject:Name of the Student, date of birth, AMASE – W515110501

For an overview of what your fees are spent on, see here: Structure of the participation costs.

Extra semester (5th semester)

Once you have obtained all required ECTS points after 4 semesters and ONLY the Master’s Thesis or internship (and the B2 proof of German, if Saarland University is one of your institutions) are missing, you may study one additional semester without paying participation cost. In case you still have to obtain credit points, you will have to pay the regular participation costs.

Please note, in case you do not need to pay the participation costs for your extra semester, you will not be able to get a reimbursement of both semester fees and the health insurance.

Deposit for participating in the Integration Week

Self-financing students have to pay a deposit of 200 € until 15 June of the respective year for the Integration Week.
This deposit will be used as a commission for the Integration Week and is considered a part of the participation fees.
Since rooms have to be reserved and paid by the end of June, this deposit is raised as a guarantee that you will join both the Programme and the Integration Week. 
So if you have transferred the deposit and pay the rest of the fees, please subtract these 200 €.

Example: You come from outside the EU, the fees are 4.500 € per semester for you.
1. You make one transfer of 200 € until 15 June. Then you make a second payment of 4.300 € until 31 of July (*LTU before 1st of May).
2. Or you pay the whole fees of 4.500 € in one transfer until 15 June (*LTU before 1st of May).

Only if the transfer is made on time (before 15 June), we will make a reservation for you in the hostel.

Should you not be able to join the programme on short notice, but have already paid the deposit, we cannot reimburse these 200 €.

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