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Study in two languages

Within the AMASE Master you do not only gain valuable knowledge in Materials Science and Engineering, you also learn two of the four most widespread European languages.

You study with local students and get to know the culture of your host countries, increasing your later job opportunities.

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Advanced Materials Science and Engineering – AMASE

The master at a glance

AMASE in detail

Study ProgrammeAMASE – Advanced Materials Science and Engineering
DegreeDouble Degree, Master of Science (M.Sc.)
Duration2 years/4 semesters (including 6 months work on the Master’s thesis)
UniversitiesUdS – Universität des Saarlandes/Germany
LTU – Luleå tekniska universitet/Sweden
UL – Université de Lorraine/France
UPC – Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya Barcelonatech/Spain
MUL – Montanuniversität Leoben/Austria
UNIPD – Università degli Studi di Padova/Italy
Languages of instructionEnglish (at LTU, MUL and UNIPD), German (at UdS), French (at UL), Spanish (at UPC) – You will study in two languages.
Participation costs per semester1.500 €/EU students; 4.500 €/non-EU students
MobilityYou study at two universities of the Consortium.
1st + 2nd Semester: chosen Entrance University
3rd Semester: chosen Second University.
4th semester: Master’s thesis at Entrance or Second University.
Admission requirementsBachelor of Science or similar degree with training in:
Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, basic knowledge of the structure and behaviour of materials
ScholarshipsErasmus Mundus/Erasmus+/DFH (German-French)

The AMASE programme is suitable for both European and Non-European B.Sc. graduates in Material Sciences and Engineering, Physics, Chemistry and other related Engineering disciplines.


EUSMAT – Professional Summer School 2018 – Universität des Saarlandes

The AMASE programme offers:

  • A well organised multilingual and intercultural study experience. 
  • A study programme in close collaboration with the research activities of the six Consortium members.
  • Teaching in advanced materials, giving students innovative new ideas for their future careers.
  • Preparation of students for life-long learning in different cultures and education/work environments.
  • Better networking possibilities for research and education within the EU and with third countries.


The combined teaching and research programmes of the six Consortium members offer:

  • A far greater variety of competences in the field of materials science and engineering than could be provided by a single university.
  • Valuable opportunities for specialisation.
  • A broad spectrum of research possibilities, from fundamental to industry-related research.
  • The integration of different university profiles into one single study programme.
Where AMASE students come from