Take two out of four

Study in two languages

Within the AMASE Master you do not only gain valuable knowledge in Materials Science and Engineering, you also learn two of the four most widespread European languages.

You study with local students and get to know the culture of your host countries, increasing your later job opportunities.

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Studying in Luleå

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Bank account and money

As it is not easy to open a bank account. The best solution for newcomers would probably be to keep the  bank account from your home country with a card attached. Then deal with opening a new account.

When arriving in Luleå, it is important to own a Visa or Master card with pin or chip, because paying in cash is not always possible (e.g. traveling by bus).

Visa Issues and Residence Permit for non-EU students

If you would like to apply for a visa for Sweden in your home country, please have a look on the internet for the legal Swedish representation (Swedish embassy / consulate) in your country. The application for the Swedish residence permit costs 110€.



Studentbostadsservice offers student housing in single apartments (some of these have furniture) or two-room apartments (doublet with furniture and shared kitchen and bathroom).

To sign up for Studentbostadsservice, please fill in the application form on the web: https://www.studentbostadsservice.se/registrera/

Student housing areas in Luleå, for both Lulebo and Studentbostadsservice: Porsön, Björkskatan. In all cases, you will have to bring or buy your own bed linen. The cost of an apartment or dorm room is approximately the same. The rent for the student residences that Studentbostadsservice can offer is between 2900-10107 SEK/month. Heating and water are included in the rent, sometimes also the electricity.

It is also possible to sublease an apartment. You can find such offerings at Blocket.se and Mystudentstore.se

A helpful PDF might also be: A guide to housing in Luleå

More websites that list landlords and available apartments in Luleå:

Monthly living expenses

Count on using approximately 7.600 – 8000 SEK per month. But remember, personal lifestyles cause this to vary.

  • Accommodation: Approx. 3.000 SEK
  • Food: Grocery shopping is more expensive in Sweden. Keep in mind that eating out, even at fast food restaurants, is expensive. Approx. 2.500 SEK (less, if you eat lunch at home)
  • Books: Approx. 400-600 SEK
  • Leisure: 600 SEK and up
  • Personal expenses: Don’t forget to include the costs of personal expenses such as shampoo, tooth paste, etc.
  • Telephone, TV, newspaper: Depends on the individual’s use.

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