Take two out of four

Study in two languages

Within the AMASE Master you do not only gain valuable knowledge in Materials Science and Engineering, you also learn two of the four most widespread European languages.

You study with local students and get to know the culture of your host countries, increasing your later job opportunities.

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Integration Week

for first year AMASE students
EUSMAT – Integration Week 2022 – Universität des Saarlandes

Since 2012, EUSMAT hosts an annual Integration Week for new AMASE students in August before the start of the semester. The Integration Week focuses on preparing the new AMASE students for their studies in Europe as well as giving them first insights into the AMASE-Master Programme.

Students will also have the chance to get to know each other. The EUSMAT team is present at all times and answers any questions that come up. The experiences gathered during this week helps the students improve their future research skills while also expanding their personal and professional network.

In 2020 and 2021, the Integration Week was held in digital format due to the COVID 19 crisis. Since 2022, the Integration Week is held in two parts: a first part in digital form and a second in-presence part in Saarbrücken. Since the circumstances in our programme countries are very different and not predictable, we opted for this alternative in order to provide all of the participants with a well organized IW and give them the opportunity to get to know each other beforehand. Also, the IW is arranged parallel to the Professional Summer School (with the 2-year students).

AMASE Integration Week 2024:
24th August – 31st August

➡️ Digital part of the IW will take place on August 14th and 15th, 2024.

➡️ In presence IW will take place from Saturday August 24th until 31st, 2024. 

Don’t worry, besides the informative parts we will also organize fun parts and excursions!

ATTENTION! The participation in both the Integration Week and the Professional Summer School is compulsory and part of the Programme.

Only if you register only, will EUSMAT be able to book accommodation for you.


The registration for this year’s Integration Week is now open. Please register before June 25th!

Integration Week registration 2024

  • Integration Week in Saarbrücken

  • DD dot MM dot YYYY
    If you have already booked your flight/train/bus you can fill in this field now. If not, please inform us via E-mail after the booking.
  • DD dot MM dot YYYY
    If you have already booked your flight/train/bus you can fill in this field now. If not, please inform us via E-mail after the booking.
  • We buy the tickets for the public transport for the workshop days in Saarbrücken. You will get it on the arrival day in the hostel. *Students starting at UdS receive the semester ticket for winter term only from October on and not before.
  • For those who need it, we reserve rooms in a hostel in Saarbrücken from August 24th to 31st.
    If other, please write in the comment section.
  • Please let us know all food allergies you have, e.g. nuts, strawberries, avocado, etc.
  • You will receive your very own AMASE t-shirt! We just need to know your approximate size. If it doesn’t fit, we will find you one that does! 🙂
  • Media Use Consent

    The EUSMAT office and its Partner Universities would like to use the material recorded during the Integration Week and Professional Summer School as well as other events of the AMASE programme in its different official plattforms. This authorization grants permission to use images, videos and other types of media for marketing purposes. EUSMAT and its Partners undertake not to use any images in a way that would cause embarrassment or misrepresent the intent of the student’s participation. I understand that I will not be paid for giving this permission and I hereby waive any claim that I may have had for remuneration, residuals, royalties or any other payment in respect of use of the images or videos.
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Impressions from past Integration Weeks

In 2018, both the Integration Week and the Professional Summer School of AMASE were evaluated by the Center for Evaluation. You can find the results in this report.

Every year, EUSMAT organizes one or more Orientation Weeks for the different study programmes. During this week, the students taking part are prepared for their stay abroad. Intercultural training plays an especially large role in this preparation.

For further information you can have a look at Intercultural Competence, Intercultural qualification and integration for STEM-students (IK-MINT).

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