Sustainability by Circular Economy and Circular Materials

and why „our” astronaut, Matthias Maurer, used them for space exploration at the ISS

Hybrid Course – Online event on Thursday May 11 from 14:00 to 16:00 CET.

Materials researchers are developing high-performance materials from many chemical elements – always for the best possible solar cells, cell phones, cars and all our technical hardware. In this sense, the ongoing shift to sustainability and renewable energy is also a major materials shift. But to achieve this, we must strive for a circular economy with materials systems that can be recycled to reuse them as extensively as possible in order to drastically conserve our resources and also reduce our geopolitical dependence. How can this be achieved? About circular systems we can also learn from astronauts life and space exploration on the ISS, for instance from our former student and now alumni, Matthias Maurer. The lecture gives some insights into the facts and figures of this great human task.

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