3rd International Network Meeting of EUSMAT –

NEW DATE! June 27th to July 1st 2022

The 3rd International Network Meeting of the European School of Materials includes a series of events taking place from June 27th untill July 1st 2022 at Saarland University.

The overall goal is the networking between former and current students and researchers from the Materials Science and Engineering Department, from the EUSMAT programmes as well as from our partner universities.

Target group

The meeting is open to all former and present students and researchers of the department of materials science and engineering of Saarland University, former and present students of the EUSMAT programmes, as well as international alumni of other German universities in the field of MSE.

In particular, alumni of the following study and research programmes of EUSMAT are encouraged to apply:

  • Atlantis Bachelor in Materials Science and Mechanical Engineering
  • Bachelor and Master EEIGM
  • Erasmus Mundus Master AMASE
  • I.DEAR-Materials programme
  • International doctoral programme DocMASE
  • NanoCom-Network
  • SUMA2-Network
  • CREATe-Network

Goals of the meeting

The Alumni Meeting is an important building block of EUSMAT’s lifelong learning strategy and contributes to the ongoing dialogue with former students and researchers. Additionally, we want to contribute to their professional and interdisciplinary qualification. Thus selected workshops conducted by recognized experts will be offered. Moreover, we expect to promote the networking among our alumni, experienced graduates and current students.


The following events are planned (further details will be added soon):

Alumni Meeting – Presentations of Alumni:

Each participant will be given the opportunity to introduce him/herself, reporting about his/her studies in Germany or in the EUSMAT programmes, career path and current activities.

NFDI-Workshop: Digital Transformation in Materials Science and Engineering

Digitalization in recent years has already given a groundbreaking impulse to all fields of application in the engineering sciences. This applies to the major future areas of mobility, communication, safety, health and energy – and not least the broad field of materials science and engineering. The Digital Transformation in MSE aims to improve the transparency, sustainability and, in the long term, the efficiency of research. Key components of this transformation are open platforms, standards and technologies for data processing, data exchange, and data analysis.

During the workshop, invited experts participating in the German wide initiative NFDI-MatWerk (National Research Data Infrastructure for Materials Science & Engineering) will present the current situation of this process in Germany and then compare it with other countries, so that further development opportunities and synergy effects of the digital transformation can be discussed.

Workshop on Innovation

Innovation is an important part of the business world and essential to compete. The goal of this workshop is to demonstrate that organizations and people can learn to continuously develop and increase their innovation capabilities. Participants will learn innovation tools not only in a theoretical way, but also in practical exercises.

Workshop on business start-ups with evening event organized with the University Society

The topic of business start-ups is currently on everyone’s lips in Germany and many European countries. The creation of start-ups can promote innovation, but also generate qualified jobs in structurally weak regions. Dr. Nida Bajwa is an expert in the field of start-up and innovation psychology and will draw on his several years of experience as a facilitator of various capacity-building projects in the field of start-ups (including in Europe, East Africa and Asia). Which skills (skillset) and which attitudes (mindset) are particularly helpful for start-up projects in different countries? Which role do networks play in the development and success of start-ups ecosystems? The participants are encouraged to share experiences from their own professional field and their international experience in order to develop different perspectives on the broad field of start-ups as well as on support structures. Alumni of our university, who have founded companies themselves, will enrich the discussions with their reports on their experiences.

In the evening, the program will be rounded off by a public event organized with the Universitätsgesellschaft e.V. on the topic of “Start-up culture in the Saarland”.

Workshop on International Research Funding:

In a first block, experts will report on the various possibilities for project funding and application in an international context. The presentations will be tailored to the participants’ countries of origin. In a second part, concrete ideas of the participants will be discussed in a workshop and worked out with a view to concrete projects. Different types of projects and recommendations for project implementation will be outlined and discussed.

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Application for funding

With the support of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), the Erasmus Mundus programme of the European Commission and the German French University (DFH), full funding for 30 Alumni for participating in the whole programme will be provided. This includes:

  • Accommodation incl. breakfast (Hotel still to be defined)
  • Travel costs (train and/or airplane in economy class)
  • Entrance fees for cultural visits
  • Transportation fees during the stay
  • Meals

The selection will be made by a committee based on the following criteria: interest in the topics of the event, motivation to actively participate in an alumni network, diversity of the participating professional groups (from industry and academia), gender equity.

  • DAAD funding (22 participants): funding will be provided for former students and researchers that has spent at least 3 months in Germany and are currently working or studying outside Germany.
  • 8 participants who does not fulfill the requirements of DAAD (e. g. residence in Germany, alumni of internationals programs of EUSMAT but who did not study in Germany) will be funded by EUSMAT through Erasmus Mundus or DFH.

Details about payment procedure will be opportunely informed to the selected participants.

Apply now for participating in the whole programme with full funding through the following form:

Alumni Meeting application form

  • Max. file size: 32 MB.
    (Only PDF are accepted - Max. size: 2MB)
  • Max. file size: 32 MB.
    (Only PDF are accepted - Max. size: 2MB)